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Rural Bliss Christmas List

Rural Bliss Christmas List
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Hey y'all it's been a minute since we did a blog, and I was starting to miss it. With Thanksgiving here and Christmas coming right on up we wanted to offer some awesome gifting ideas... So let's jump right into your RB Christmas list. 

1. Yeti's for you, and yeti's for you, and for you! These are awesome, and a one size fits all gift. Grab a 30 oz. for only $29.99 & personalize with a custom decal for only $5. Cards fan, covered. Personal business logo, got it. Nickname, no problem. 

2. Cozy sweaters of all shapes and sizes! Everyone wants a warm hug so why not have one that lasts all day? With prices ranging from $29.99 to $44.99, they are perfect for under the tree.


3. Graphic tees FOR DAYS.  

4. Flannels to layer with... well... literally everything.

5. Smell good things... all the wax melts please ;)

6. Blanket scarves in all kinds of fun patterns and colors, at $19.99 you can grab one for everyone!!

7. JEWELRY; sugar stacks, earrings, & necklaces. I'll take one of everything, thanks!

8. ALL THE SHOES; boots, booties, and comfy flats. There are some for everyone!

9. Pop sockets, like who doesn't have one? We don't know but they need it!

10. Beanies! LYM, CC... you need one in every color!


12. Bralettes, come on... they go with everything. 

13. Leggings, lots and lots of leggings. Fleece lined, patterns, and BLACK. check. check. check. 

14. Our pre-made gift sets. 3 items in one size for $20. Blanket scarf, beanie, and yeti for $40. Keep an eye for more dropping soon. You don't even have to wrap them! 

15. If you are still unsure or waited until last minute grab a gift card! Any amount for anyone! Another one size fits all from little bliss, to mom and grandma!

Rural bliss is a one stop shop for all the ladies in your life. Santa even asks us for help! Stop by and we can help you too :)





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