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Moody Midwest Weather.

Moody Midwest Weather.
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Howdy y’all…

This Moody Midwest weather has got me feelin’ some type of way about sweatshirts and leggings. The great thing about this casual outfit idea is it works for everyone! Styling outfits for the blog this week was seriously so FUN... Why? Because I got to put together things that I really know people are going to love to wear.

Check out the “Casual Cowgirl.” This is the outfit you wear all day on the ranch, cute enough to run errands and easy to dress up for dinner in town with some cute booties and jewelry.

This is a curvy style and I am LOVING it.

Now, now I know not everyone around here lives on a farm but let’s face it a lot of us do. For those of you that don’t, look how fun our “Late for Class” look is. This is perfect for that college student commuting or even living on campus. Easy to throw on, plus with a hat you don’t even have to wash your hair! Who has time for that anyway?

Time to dress it up for a fiancé making some wedding plans. I know how that can be, running around like a chicken with your head cut off. The “Trophy Wife” is PERFECT. Casual but cute with a great pair of boots, and pink panache necklace (major heart eyes). If your husband is anything like mine you know its hunting season, and I think all y’all will get a kick out of this cute sweatshirt!

What about a cute and comfortable outfit for doing some chores on the farm? Throwing a blanket scarf over any outfit makes it a little MORE COZY… and stylish at the same time. I mean they are called blanket scarves for a reason! This outfit will carry you through the day right into after school errands, great for any “Farm Momma.”

The curvy “Floral Dream” was one of my absolute favorites from this bunch because it reminds me of a fun elementary school teacher. You know what I’m talking about the ones that leave a little imprint on your HEART.

I hope these outfits made ya smile, and you send us a quick text to save one back for you 217.357.9205.




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